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Interested in Advertzing on the number 1 FREE Delmarva area biker oriented resource on the net? Delmarvabikers offers very reasonable advertizing rates for banners that appear on just about every page of the site! Our target audience is adult motorcycle owners living within Delaware and the Eastern Shores of Maryland and Virginia. Our site offers movies and picture galleries of past events, articles, interviews, a message board, shop listings, for sale listings, event calendar, you name it!

Q: How much traffic does delmarvabikers.com generate?
A: Well, the best bet is to show you the actual LIVE data. You can see a webalizer month to month breakdown of what traffic has passed through the site here.

Q: How often will my banner be seen?
A: Top banners appear on most of the pages of the site except the message board and calendar. They get hit about once every 20 page views or so.

We offer several different plans depending on who you are and what your need is...

Business Plans:
  • $10 a month top banner (486 x 60)
  • $50 for 6 months top banner (486 x 60)
  • $90 for 12 months top banner (486 x 60)
  • $20 a month side banner (150 x 150)
  • $100 for 6 months (150 x 150)
  • $180 for 12 months (150 x 150)
  • $10 simple banner creation
NonProfit Organizations:
  • $5 a month top banner (486 x 60)
  • $25 for 6 months top banner (486 x 60)
  • $45 for 12 months top banner (486 x 60)
  • $10 a month side banner (150 x 150)
  • $50 for 6 months (150 x 150)
  • $90 for 12 months (150 x 150)
  • $10 simple banner creation
$50 Event Coverage Special* Includes:
  • Pre-Event Interview published up to 2 weeks prior to event
  • Top Banner for up to 3 months prior to your event
  • DMVB vendor setup during event.
  • Pictures taken by DMVB staff during event.
  • Post event article.
*Please Note: DMVB covers alot of different events, most free of charge. If your event charges for vendor space, we will be more than willing to discuss some kind of barter for services. We operate in the free market spirit of the internet and the biker lifestyle in general. Please feel free to talk to us about your needs and concerns. It is our desire to cover events and the biker scene in as unbiased and nonpartisan a maner as is possible. If you should choose to enage our services, we will offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with us or the results of our efforts, we will gladly refund your fee.

Advertizing rules for Delmarvabikers.com:

  • All ads must be for biker related products or servies or of interest to Delmarva peninsula bikers.
  • All ads must be GIF, JPG or nonintrusive animation. Ads that redirect users or cause popups or unders will be rejected.
  • We will not accept advertizing for adult websites or services.
  • All ads must be paid in advance. No ads will be placed until payment is made or arrangements for payment are agreed upon.
  • Delmarvabikers.com reserves the right to reject any ads based on its sole discetion.
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